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B2B Sales Technical for success
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 Rationale and Objective

          Among the organizations doing business with the organization. All sides have high expectations of what they want in need, including product quality, uniqueness and differences. prices are very attractive and  quantity responses. The delivery time, etc., Organizations need to do to be successful trading. To make a difference the presentation is attractive and meets the requirements adding critical skills on each sale as an affordable alternative that persuades them to buy. To refute rejected finding the real needs of customers. The proposed alternative is not to deny it.


 ท่านสามารถติดต่อขอรับข้อเสนอหลักสูตรสัมมนาพร้อมใบเสนอราคาการจัดสัมมนา In House Training

 ได้ที่ : คุณสุกัญญา/ คุณกรรณิการ์/คุณกฤษฎา

Tel. 0-2115-9890-92 Fax. 0-2115-9893 
หรือ E-mail:itcinnotraining@hotmail.com 
Web.: www.itcinnotraining.com

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